Killer Tech Trends You Need to Consider for Your Next Event


As technology gets more and more embedded into our everyday lives, it’s becoming absolutely essential to have it at your event. Over the years we’ve seen the growth of LED equipment, social media and iPads taking over the event space, but those have become pretty standard for most large scale events.

If you want your next event to really stand out, here are three of the most exciting trends taking over right now.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality captures what’s going on in the real world, then superimposes computer-generated images and shows it on screen. With this technology you can create a virtual zoo, as shown in the video below, or even dance alongside Michael Jackson the way Pepsi allowed Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival fans to do. How could you incorporate this into your next event?


Drone Filming

Drone technology has proven that it’s here to stay, and with it’s filming capabilities, you have unprecedented access to capture your event in ways you never thought were possible. Just be sure to stay high enough above the crowd, or else your drone might be the victim of a brutal murder, or even worse, theft.


Quiet Clubbing

Here’s how quiet clubbing works. Everyone gets headphones that tune into three different DJs spinning different genres of music. By flipping the switch on the headphone you change the color & the DJ you’re listening to. Others around you can tell what channel you’re tuned to, and dance along with you. This is a great concept for event that attract true audiophiles, but it’s not recommended for networking events since conversation will be kept to a minimum.


What other tech trends have you sighted at recent events that you think will be taking over soon?


Written by: Stacy-Ann Hayles