4 Non-Beach Themes Perfect for Your Destination Wedding in Jamaica

Getting married in Jamaica doesn’t mean you have to do it on the beach at an all-inclusive hotel. Here are a few unique ideas for weddings that aren’t on the beach but still very much inspired by Jamaica.

1. James Bond

Goldeneye Estate, St. Mary, Jamaica

Goldeneye Estate, St. Mary, Jamaica


Why It Works: It’s well-known that Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond novels at the Goldeneye Estate in St. Mary, Jamaica. Additionally, the very first Bond film, Dr. No, was set and filmed in Jamaica.

Best Venue: Goldeneye Estate – it’s now a collection of boutique hotels and luxury villas and they also host weddings.

Signature Drink: Martinis. Shaken, not stirred.

Cake Design: Classic black and white, with a bowtie of course.




Decor Ideas: Use black, gold and white for your wedding colors, with balloons and white flowers as centerpieces. Name each table guest table after a Bond movie. Wedding favors could be custom-made dice keyrings with your initials inscribed, or dice boxes for souvenir cakes.


2. Gin Rummy



Why It Works: It’s a play on the card game and the fact that Jamaica is known for several alcoholic beverages, including rum and gin.

Best Venue: A casino. Try the Mosino Gaming Lounge or Treasure Hunt Gaming Lounge in Montego Bay.

Cake Design: A casino-themed cake with dice and chips. Bonus if you can get drinking couple cake toppers!




Decor Ideas: Table names can be based on Jamaican alcoholic beverages. There are lots to choose from. Floral theme can be red and green, with flower boxes decorated with playing cards.


3. Pirates of the Caribbean


Why It Works: The first two Pirates of the Caribbean films were also set in Jamaica, and the city of Port Royal has a famous history of pirates. (Also a great excuse to drink copious amounts of rum.)

Best Venue: Fort Charles, Port Royal

Cake Design: A treasure chest, complete with skull and crossbones.



Jack Sparrow would love this


Decor Ideas: The person officiating your wedding should dress and slur speak like Jack Sparrow, or else all your efforts will have been pointless. Keep a rustic charm throughout. This is the one theme where tattered and out-of-place are actual requirements.


4. Haunted Mansion


Rose Hall Great House, St. James, Jamaica


Why It Works: The eerie legend of The White Witch of Rose Hall originated in St. James, Jamaica, who is rumored to have killed her three husbands, lives on at the Rose Hall Great House to this day. She is said to still haunt the grounds of the former plantation house to this day. If you want to give your guests a nice little spook, there are few better places to do it.

Best Venue: Rose Hall Great House

Cake Design: This spooky delectable treat…




Decor Ideas: Feel free to go all out on your attire. If ever there was a suitable time to wear goth-inspired wedding dress, this is it.  Red or purple should be your main decor color, mixed with black and a color that pops (think gold, silver or white) to make everything come together. Go all out with vines and hanging floral chandeliers, along with themed lighting, to transform your venue into a forest that comes alive.


Written by: Stacy-Ann Hayles