5 Spectacular Reasons to Use A Non-Floral Bouquet for Your Wedding



Floral bouquets have been a necessary accessory for brides walking down the aisle since the beginning of time. But recently, there has been an upsurge in non-floral bouquets that range from almost realistic to completely unconventional.

Sure, non-floral bouquets tend to cost less than traditional bouquets, but that’s not the only reason brides are making the switch. Here are some others that might convince you to go the flowerless route for your wedding day.


1. Your allergies will love you for it

Unfortunate is the wedding night that is thwarted by a sneezing, itchy or runny nose. Not a pretty picture, right? If you or your future spouse have pollen allergies that flare up easily, you might wanna ditch the flowers and save your nostrils. Your honeymoon will thank you for it.


Bride crying at wedding allergies

Are those happy tears, or is it just pollen season?


2. You get to keep it forever

The sad reality: flowers die. You can wrap them delicately and store a few between the pages of a book, but they won’t ever restore to their former glory. But your non-floral arrangement can stay together for as long as you like. Store it away in a cool, dry place and you can even pass it down as a family heirloom.


3. You can incorporate personal touches

Have a special brooch passed down from your grandmother? Or maybe the necklace and earrings your spouse gave you on your first Valentine’s Day together. Almost any small item you hold most dear to you can be incorporated into your bouquet. Or maybe you could go all out and make the entire bouquet with something you really love.



A bouquet fit for Mariah Carey


4. It’s a fun project to share with your bridesmaids

For DIY brides, this is a perfect project to having a bonding session with your bridesmaids. Grab a couple bottles of wine (though let’s be honest, you’ll need more than a couple), have your friends donate pieces to incorporate, and then masterfully whip up your own authentic creation. And who knows, it could be your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!


5. It can truly match your dress, or your accessories

Forget searching high and low to find flowers that are just the right white of your dress, your non-floral bouquet can be made of anything you like, including the same material that made your dress! A cloth, or crocheted bouquet can look just as fabulous as real flower while incorporating some of the subtle elements of your wedding attire, like pearls and diamonds as the flower centers.



This gives a new meaning to the floral bouquet.



Written by: Stacy-Ann Hayles